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VMA's Tax Services' proprietary online tax processing system is extremely flexible, enabling lenders to place new orders via the Internet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), magnetic tape, cartridge, disk or other automated means. Active orders can also be updated, cancelled and reinstated using any of these order methods. VMA's Tax Services' system operates in a real-time environment and may be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Designed for maximum flexibility and performance, the system facilitates network access through a variety of connectivity options. The system also provides online help on every screen. Some of the features of VMA's Tax Services' include:

  • Property Tax Direct™ System: Enables users to instantaneously obtain
  • accurate tax data at the point of loan origination to ensure correct
  • Escrow-Months-To-Collect and monthly payment amounts.
  • Loan/Contract System: Enables users to add, view, maintain and cancel
  • tax service requests.
  • Property Tax Information System: Provides online access to tax collecting agencies throughout the U.S.
  • Delinquency Tracking System: Advanced automation sets delinquency
  • reporting parameters, monitors payments, records activities, generates
  • notification letters, tracks delinquency performance and statistically
  • summarizes all delinquency data.
  • Agency Information System: Pertinent data for over 23,000 tax collecting
  • entities nationwide.
  • Statistical Analysis System: Scans loan portfolios for the number of loans
  • under service, geographical coverage areas and summarizes escrowed
  • vs. non-escrowed loans by state.
  • Customer Service System: Tracks service requests and VMA's Tax Services' subsequent responses.
  • History Trail: Reflects all contract activity, revisions, updates and tax reporting information. 
  • 4506-T IRS Tax Verifications (New!): Verify your borrower's tax returns online with a turnaround time of 1 day or less.  Completely online with no setup fees or minimum monthly orders.

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