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Vendor Management Solutions.

Vendor Management Associates is a nationwide solutions provider that offers multiple technology and mortgage related services to its clients.  VMA helps mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions, banks, and private investors become more economically efficient through a process known as "bundling of services."  By "bundling services," VMA's clients become more efficient from a process and time savings standpoint, since there is tighter integration amongst the systems.

Leveraging over 65 years of combined mortgage lending and technology experience, VMA has the ability to implement virtually any mortgage related product available to the industry today.

Vendor Management Associates offers many mortgage related products and services, such as:  Flood Determinations, Document Preparation, Cascading AVM's, Credit Reports, Signing Services, Tax Services, and Backoffice Outsourcing (BPO). VMA currently works with several leading providers and is constantly looking to add more for its clients.



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